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New Genre/Media & Creative Projects

Select work by individual students:

--> Erik McIntyre, "Scrawny Joe Blues" [original music composition/improvisation, performance w/ guitar, and audio recording], interdisciplinary Liberal Studies course on creativity -- Winter 2015.

--> Emma Stichhaller, [untitled quilt constructed with 100% Kona cotton and cotton/polyester thread], interdisciplinary Liberal Studies course on creativity -- Winter 2015.

--> Priyanka Sevak, "Facing the Idea of Death: Overcoming the Fear of Death" [research project, video/slideshow], Oakland University Writing Festival -- Winter 2012, individual project category, honorable mention.

-->Rachel Voight, "Emotions and Music: Why We Listen" [researched, personal paper & musical performance], Composition II course, Fall 2011

--> Elise Wood, "The Internet at Oakland University" [video w/ interviews and survey], Composition II course, Winter 2010

--> Taryn Dover, "African American Females and Beauty: Divided by Complexion" / "Beauty and African American Women: Assimilating into American Society" [website], Writing Excellence Awards -- 2009 (Department of Writing and Rhetoric, Oakland University), Category 6 (Writing and New Media), first prize

--> Reanna Douglas, "The Return of Muscle Cars" [poster presentation and models], Oakland University Writing Festival -- Fall 2009, Individual Presentation category, second prize

In past years, students have won awards in every category (individual, group, honorable mention) at Oakland University's Writing Festival sponsored by the Department of Writing and Rhetoric. The department also holds an annual Writing Excellence Awards competition in several categories, including in Research Writing and Writing & New Media.